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Singapore, 31 July 2023 - Ocean Network Express (ONE) is pleased to release the latest “ONE INITIATIVES” at the end of FY2023 Q1. 

For the past few months, global industrial production is generally positive, and consumer spending is holding up. But with ongoing headwinds from future interest rates and inflation, it is now more likely that signs of a strong recovery in orders and inventory rebalancing will not be so apparent until later this year. 

At ONE, we held an investor relations and media event to highlight and update its latest strategy updates on sustainable growth and its mid-term plans, while enhancing its e-commerce services including a new e-payment platform to its 23,000 customers. On the network side, we have announced further enhancement to our Intra-Europe network and launched a new Korea to Southeast Asia service.

The ONE INITIATIVES FY2023 Q1 can be downloaded here.